Signs of ants

Ants are social insects that often enter homes and buildings in search of food and water. Identifying the signs of an ant infestation can help you take appropriate measures to control them. Here are common signs of ants:

  • Ant Trails: Ants leave scent trails as they travel to and from food sources. You may see lines or trails of ants moving in a specific direction, often along walls, countertops, or floors.
  • Visible Ants: Spotting individual ants in your home, especially near food sources or water, is a clear sign of their presence. Ants vary in size and colour depending on the species.
  • Ant Nests: Depending on the species, ants may build nests in various locations, such as soil, underneath patios, or cracks in walls. Some ants create visible mounds in garden areas.
  • Appearance of Winged Ants: The most apparent sign is the presence of winged ants. During the mating flight, flying ants gather in large groups, forming swarms in the air. These flying ants can vary in size and colour depending on the ant species.

If you suspect an ant infestation in your home, it’s essential to identify the ant species and take appropriate action for control. It is vital to employ professional pest control services, especially if you have a persistent or severe infestation.

How we deal with ants

It is very natural to feel anxious or uncomfortable when you think pests are in your property. Be confident that S&S Pest Control can help you professionally eliminate these pests.

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