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Common signs of Mice

Mice are small rodents that can be a nuisance when they invade homes or businesses. Common signs of mice infestations include:

  • Droppings: Mouse droppings are small, rice-like faeces that are typically dark brown or black. They are often found along skirting boards and under kitchen units.
  • Gnaw Marks: Mice have a constant need to gnaw to keep their teeth from growing too long. Look for gnaw marks on wires, wood, cardboard, and other materials.
  • Nesting Materials: Mice build nests using materials like paper, cardboard, insulation, and fabric. If you find shredded materials in hidden corners or inside cabinets, it could be a sign of mouse activity.
  • Urine Odour: Mice have a strong ammonia-like urine odour. If you notice a persistent, pungent smell in an area, it may indicate the presence of mice.
  • Scratching Noises: Mice are often heard scratching, squeaking, or scurrying in walls, ceilings, or under floors, especially at night when they are most active.
  • Holes and Entry Points: Mice can enter through small openings, so check for holes or gaps in walls, floors, or foundations. They can even squeeze through openings as small as a penny.
  • Food Packaging Damage: Mice will gnaw through food packaging to access food. If you find chewed-through boxes or bags in your pantry, it’s a clear sign.
  • Tracks and Runways: Mice tend to follow the same paths repeatedly. You may notice faint tracks or greasy smudges along skirting boards and walls, which are the result of their fur brushing against surfaces.
  • Visible Mice: In some cases, you may see mice scurrying around your home, especially in the evening.
  • Pet Behaviour: Cats and dogs may become more alert and interested in certain areas of the house if they sense the presence of mice.

If you suspect a mouse infestation in your home, it’s important to take action quickly, as mice can reproduce rapidly and carry diseases. 

How we deal with mice…

It is very natural to feel anxious or uncomfortable when you think pests are in your property. Be confident that S&S Pest Control can help you professionally eliminate these pests. 

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